Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cordoba: Life in the Mission Office

Hey Mom!  I´m glad to hear you are well.

To be honest, I´m not really sure if the changes in missionary schedule is affecting much because in the office we hardly have a set schedule.  The other day we had to travel to one of the central bus terminals to buy a trip for some of the zone leaders who had already wasted all of their money to come to a conference.  They didn't tell us until the night before, so we had to leave the office almost at midnight.  We got back around 2 and got up at 6 to get everything ready for the conference.  Last night we had to stay up with some missionaries who were waiting in the office because the bus to their area didn´t leave until midnight. Things like that happen often enough that the schedule changes haven´t made much of a difference for us yet.  That´s awesome that Matthew is still so excited and participating in church...

How is Will? He hasn´t written in a while.  Thanks for the advice with the importance of the Book of Mormon! I´ve been reading Jesus the Christ quite a bit, but I need to refocus some of my time on the Book of Mormon. The time is flying(at least on my end).  I´ll try to attach some photos of the last few weeks.  It´s exactly like you said about how it was for you guys when you were in the office.  We don´t have as much time to work, but we are see miracles in the lives of the people and in finding people who have definitely been prepared.  It´s awesome.  I´ll try to attach some photos and give explanations below

1. German is a kid(who actually is a few months older than me)who was already ready for baptism when I arrived here in the office.  The other elders taught and baptized his four friends a few months before and all of them are still coming to the church.  They are more active than most members.  They´ve already gone to the temple to do baptisms and those who were old enough went to efy last week.  German is super excited to serve a mission.  He read everything we every gave him and is almost halfway through the Book of Mormon.

2. We were able to find help Cristian prepare for baptism in the last few weeks.  He´s 42 and his mom Graciela got baptized when she was 16 but has been inactive ever since.  She was thrilled to see us when we first clapped outside her house.  She helped get her son excited and he has since quit smoking and is learning to read better so he can understand the Book of Mormon better.  He asked us for a hymnal because he really likes the music at church.  The other guy on the right is named Nahuel. We were teaching Cristian and Graciela one night and were about to leave when Nahuel arrived.  He´s 17 and teaches high school at night for adults who never finished.  He was passing by to help Cristian write some songs.  We´ve been teaching him and he has told us that every time we teach the things we say deeply touch his heart.  He told us that he´s receiving answers to questions that he has had for years and that he feels like he is finally finding what he has been looking for.  He also has plans to be baptized in the coming weeks.

3. Elder Sullivan and I on top of the 3000 Book of Mormons that arrived after a misunderstanding with the offices in Salt Lake haha.

I love you Mom.  Know that you guys are in my prayers. Have a great week:)